Terms & Conditions od MotoClix website

About the site and the application of these terms

On the MotoClix website, we offer you the option of purchasing products marked with “In Stock” on the display page of an individual product. We also offer useful information about products and services offered by PRO technology, expert advice on the use and application of some of the products from our range, information on promotions, news and the like.

By using the services offered on the MotoClix website, the user accepts these conditions. An integral part of the conditions are data protection data that you can find and read on the Data Protection page. The terms and conditions can be read at any time on this site, and we reserve the right to change without notice.

The service provider and seller of products and services in the online store on the MotoClix website is:

PROtechnology d.o.o.
Pod luke 9, Velika Rakovica
10430 Samobor
OIB: 64606668986

In the following text, PROtechnology means the service provider, and MotoClix refers to the website and the Internet store.

For all orders and purchases on the MotoClix webshop, the purchase conditions listed here apply only.

Basic concepts and obligations


The user is any natural or legal person who visits or uses the services of this website. All users are obliged to use the services on this website in accordance with their purpose and these conditions and the usual rules of conduct on the Internet. In the ordering process and when using other services where data entry is required, the user is obliged to enter accurate data.

The customer

The buyer and the contractual partner of PROtechnology as the seller when concluding the sales contract in the MotoClix webshop for an individual order is the person specified by the user in the cash register of the webshop in the section “Customer data”. The user who buys for a legal or other natural person is obliged to have the consent and the necessary authorizations from that person.

Basic obligations of the seller

PROtechnology as a service provider and seller in the Internet store accesses and provides services in accordance with these conditions and the laws and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

PROtechnology is responsible for material defects of the product in accordance with the Law on Obligations, Articles 400 to 422.

Formation and conclusion of a sales contract

Ordering and order confirmation and payment

After selecting the products and saving them in their cart, the user provides the necessary information about the customer, delivery address and payment at the webshop. Missing or invalid entries during this process are highlighted in red with accompanying error messages.

By clicking on “Confirm order and payment”, the user confirms the order and payment and thus gives an offer for purchase, ie concluding a sales contract with the seller. By confirming the order, the user agrees to accept the invoice in electronic form, if a sales contract is concluded with the seller. The user receives a confirmation of receipt of his order by MotoClix webshop by email.

You can find more information on the Payment Methods page.

Once we have received the order and confirmation of payment, we begin the process of processing the order and preparing the delivery. If a product, despite careful planning and organization, cannot be delivered on time or at all, the user will be informed and consulted about other options. If he does not agree with the offered changes and delays, the user can cancel the order in full before concluding the sales contract.

Concluding a sales contract

After successful processing of the order, which is paid by PayPal, and preparation of the shipment, PROtechnology issues an invoice to the customer and sends it to the user by e-mail. PROtechnology reserves the right to withdraw from the conclusion of the sales contract in case of unavailability of the product or other difficulties, which will inform the user.

The sales contract is concluded at the time of issuing the invoice.


Ordered products are delivered to the customer at the address specified when confirming the order.

We prepare the products for delivery and organize delivery through delivery services immediately after the user confirms the order.

The buyer is obliged to report the damage caused during transport and delivery no later than five days from the date of receipt of the shipment by sending an e-mail to moto@moto-clix.com. In the message, the customer is obliged to state the order number, a brief description of the damage and attach photos of the damage. Thereafter, PROtechnology will determine the damage as soon as possible and arrange for replacement or compensation.

View product information and delivery times

The goods will be delivered as described in the Internet store, while we reserve the right to small differences, technological product improvements and changes in packaging. Typographical errors and small deviations in color or structure are possible in the description and presentation of the product.

Display of product prices and delivery costs

All prices shown on the product pages are in EUR, without shipping costs and including VAT. For greater clarity, the regular prices of products currently on sale or on sale are shown crosswise, and for certain types of products the prices per basic unit of measurement (liter, kilogram) are also shown in accordance with regulations. Prices shown are for individual products only, while accessories and decoration are not included in the price.

The cost of delivery is determined by the total weight of all products from each order and destination. The cost of delivery is displayed in the webshop box office and you can check it before ordering. More information on delivery and price list can be found on the page Delivery methods.

The displayed prices of products and costs are not binding, in case of error we reserve the right to change until the conclusion of the sales contract, which we will inform the buyer before delivery. If you do not agree with the changes, you can cancel the order in full.

After we prepare the ordered products for delivery, we will issue an invoice to the customer. We send the invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address of the customer given to us in the process of going through the cash register and order confirmation.


All content and materials on this website are the property of PROtechnology or are used with the approval of their original owners. Copying for commercial purposes is not permitted without the prior written approval of the service provider.

Amendments and modifications

As PROtechnology is constantly changing and updating its offer, these terms and conditions may change or be updated without prior notice. We therefore recommend regular review of these terms and conditions.

In case of questions feel free to contact us through our communication channels.